how many times should you poop in a day

How Many Times Should You Poop a Day?

Your poop tells a lot about your general health, and bowel movements are an important part of your life. They are necessary for your body since they help empty bacteria and undigested food from your body. How many times should you poop a day varies from person to person. Therefore, you shouldn’t freak out if you find out that you aren’t pooping as regularly as others.

Researchers have found that you should be pooping about three times a day on average, but it is perfectly fine to poop 3 times a week as well. This means that everyone has different times and frequency of pooping and you shouldn’t be alarmed if it has been a day and you haven’t pooped once. The consistency of the poop can vary, and that can be a big indicator of the overall health of a person.

However, if you are experiencing irregular pooping patterns then it may be cause for concern, and you should visit your doctor to be on the safe side.

How many times should you poop in a day?

There isn’t a definite number of poops that you must experience in day, because that varies from person to person and is based on several factors. These can be your age, your daily routine, your diet, and your overall health. Most people get into a regular pattern when it comes to pooping, and it could be that they are frequently pooping in the mornings every day.

Healthline conducted a survey, which consisted of more than 2000 participants, which revealed that the average person had different pooping patterns. This is what it revealed:

  • Around 31% of respondents stated that their poop was shaped like a snake or sausage and had soft consistency.
  • More than 62% of respondents stated that they started their day with a morning poop, while 22% reported that their first poop of the day was in the afternoon. Only 3% respondents said that they pooped late at night.
  • More than 50% respondents stated that they pooped every day, while 30% reported to pooping 2 times a day, and 6% were pooping once or twice a week.

This survey clearly showed the difference in pooping patterns, and how people had different bowel movements.

Factors that can affect how frequently you poop

There are different factors that can affect the frequency of your poop. Every person experiences a different bowel movement and that is based on various factors. These factors include:

Activity level

If you aren’t a very physical or active person, you will not experience frequent bowel movements. This is because the internal intestinal movement, Peristalsis, which propels digested food out of the body will not take place. Therefore, people who exercise and walk frequently will poop more frequently.


Your age also plays a great part in the frequency of your poop. As you start aging you will become more constipated, because you will experience reduced gastric movement. You will also have reduced mobility, and take more medications, which will slow down your bowel movements.


Your diet also plays a vital role in the frequency of your bowel movements. Food that is rich in fiber like vegetables, whole grains, fruits will aid in promoting bowel movements.